When God Says Go

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“Will you give Me one year here?” are the words Morgan heard from God in the rice field in Thailand. Could it possibly be that God would want a single girl, from a small town to go on the other side of the world? She knew she would be by herself, without her family, to begin a new work in a city of about 11 million people in a foreign land. She didn’t even know the language and she barely knew the culture, but she knew God.

Morgan started a blog while in Thailand to share her ministry experiences with people back in America – family, friends, and supporters. She shares purely from her heart the good times and bad times, experiences from the city to the jungle, the ups and downs, teaching college students to children on the streets, and to eating food she was not accustomed to.

“When God Says Go” is a book of how she struggled to surrender her life over to the call of God to finding joy in the journey. If you feel called to go but don’t feel qualified, this book is for you. If you feel too young to be used of God, this book is for you. If you feel like you want to be involved in missions but don’t know how to begin, this book is for you!

Reading through these pages, you will laugh with her as she tries to figure out transportation, you will cry with her as God deals with her heart, you might be disgusted by what she eats at times, you will see pictures of Thailand of where she has been, and as you read about her failures and victories of day to day life – know that it was all done for souls to be reached for the Kingdom of God.

Morgan has such a passion for the lost and for Buddhist’s souls to be turned from darkness to light. After reading “When God Says Go”, it will encourage you to want to go out and make a difference in the world that God has blessed you in.